I have known Brandon for about 5 years now and have seen him interact with my 19 year old son who has severe autism, in various situations, he is amazing! He is just one of those people that gets it and if you have a child with autism, that's really all I have to say!!


Michelle D. 

Norton, OH

I met Brandon Farr in the Spring of 2013. Brandon was working as a manager at Brookstone at Summit Mall. I began telling him about what I was looking for which happened to be something for my son with Autism. He began speaking of his experience working with children with special needs. I immediately asked him to apply for the company I was working at.  I am honored to have worked along side Brandon for 3 years. Brandon was  instrumental in the success of the program's he managed. My son was also enrolled in one of the programs. I feel so strongly in Brandon's abilities to care for children and adults with special needs that he provides HPC services for my son. My son is 16 years old with severe autism and intense behavior needs. I am fortunate to call Brandon a friend, former co-worker and a caregiver for my son.

Michelle C.

New Franklin, OH

I first met Brandon when he started working with my son at his school. My son is 21 years old and has autism. I would describe Brandon as an "answer to my prayers" for my son. He is willing to put the time, effort, and care into helping clients reach their highest potential. One of my largest concerns is having a plan in place for my son's future, with Brandon I am confident he will always have a plan!


Brenda C.

Barberton, OH

Brandon has without a doubt been a lifesaver for me. He has helped me by caring for my 19-year-old son, Ben for many years. Ben was born with down syndrome and autism but Brandon has not let any diagnosis define Ben. He has gone above and beyond working with Ben on appropriate behaviors and Ben's independence. I recommend full-heartedly Brandon as a provider for any child or adult that needs some special help no matter what the diagnosis. Thank you Brandon for all you have done for Ben! 

Annie P.

Akron, OH

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